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Fitting car stereos

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Fitting car stereos, Car stereo installation, UKThere are a large number of car stereo systems available to buy. To optimise the quality of the sound from your car stereo, it is essential that the product is correctly installed.

Fitting car stereos can provide a multitude of problems to the inexperienced. If incorrectly fitted not only will the quality of your car radio be compromised but failure to connect the power, speaker or aerial connections correctly may damage the radio and/or the vehicle. When considering fitting car stereos we recommend that you should only fit your own radio if you have previous experience and/or are a competent electrical engineer.

In addition to the car stereo, the correct power lead and loom are required when fitting. Car stereos operate in such a way where the systems output is needed to match the vehicles electrical system.

The mounting of the radio has to be considered. It needs to be secure and at the right angle to guarantee the radio continues to perform at optimum efficiency.

We are not only experts in fitting car radios and in car entertainment products you may have purchased, we can also remove equipment already fitted in your car and have a wide range of audio products to buy suit your every installation requirement.

Our experienced engineers will install your equipment in line with the latest industry standards and show the radio working. They will demonstrate how the radio works and give you advice on how best to optimise your radios features. They can also offer advice on additional equipment or accessories they feel will enhance the overall sound in the vehicle.

For more information please see our individual sections on car stereo installation.

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