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Fitting car radio and stereo systems

Including Car Stereo, Radio cassette or CD Tuner with separate autochanger

Fitting car radio and stereo systems, installing car stereos, UKMany people believe fitting car radio and stereo systems are straight forward. This is not always the case. We recommend that you should only fit your own radio if you have previous experience and/or are a competent electrical engineer. Failure to connect the power, speaker or aerial connections correctly whilst fitting car radio and stereo systems may result in unnecessary damage to the radio and/or the vehicle.

To optimise the quality of your chosen car radio head unit it is essential that the product is installed correctly. The correct power lead and loom are required to match the radio output to the vehicles electrical system and the mounting of the radio has to be secure and at the right angle to guarantee the radio continues to perform at optimum efficiency.

Fitting car radio and stereo systems can reveal as myriad of potential problems. When one of our highly experienced engineers installs your radio they will carryout the installation in line with the latest industry standards. Once the installation is complete they will demonstrate the radio working, giving you advice on how best to optimise your radios features.

They will also advise on accessories or additional equipment that they feel will enhance the overall sound in the vehicle.

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